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Serigraph Printing

RAPSODI DEKOR, started to use the serigraph printing technique, which is the first and the most important line of production, in 1997. Applying organic, thermoplastic, and UV prints on all kinds of glass packaging; our company offers distinctness to its customers. Additionally, we are also able to transfer the shadow copy of a picture on a glass surface with CMYK printing technique.

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Organic Painting

With 2 automatic conveyor painting lines, RAPSODI DEKOR has a daily capacity of painting 80,000 pieces. Depending on PANTONE color demands, coloring can be made in all main and access colors with environment-friendly water-based paints and painting with different effects (transparent, opaque, matt, metallic, silvery, and soft touch). In addition to glass products; our company can also apply paint on plastic products (PP, PE, Pet).



By applying water-based paint, RAPSODI DEKOR matts the products and provides frosted appearance on the surface.Frosted decoration of different product length from 2 ml to 2000 ml is carried out with high capacity.

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Hot-Foil Stamping

RAPSODI DEKOR applies in gold/silver plain or stripe printing around covers and hot foil gold/silver stamping on plastic products. Additionally, with its recently-invested full-automatic hot foil machine, it is also capable of delivering high quantity printing works on all sizes and shapes of glass and plastic products.

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Metalized Printing

RAPSODI DEKOR applies in its painting lines Metalized printings that enable the product to shine and reflect like a mirror, which is also called the mirror effect. Our high capacity for metalized printing works, which are especially sought for in cosmetics and home decoration sectors today, provide a wide product diversity to our customer companies.

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RAPSODI DEKOR applies transfer decal on the products that are not suitable for serigraph printing. On the other side; our company, by means of its recent investments, also offers transfer application alternatives with a high-capacity of multi-color UV printing on pre-painted bottles.

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Precious Metals

RAPSODI DEKOR applies precious metal printing, which enables the products to look shinier, higher quality and vivid. By firing gold, platinum and copper (rose) varieties in 600-degree furnaces; it offers a wide range of Precious Product variety.

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RAPSODI DEKOR, depending on its customers’ demands, makes zonal decorations. This is a decorating technique applied by masking the zones that are requested to remain transparent with max affixation method.

About Us

Our 60 years of experience in serigraph printing and painting

RAPSODI DEKOR is engaged in serigraph printing and organic painting decoration on glass and plastic bottles, jars, cups and all kinds of similar packaging materials. Currently, our company is continuing its activities in an enclosed space of 5.000 m2 on a 7.500 m2 wide area with a team of 160 field specialists. Our production is carried out means of high-end full-automatic printing machines as well as automatic wet painting lines. Our company has always intended to serve its customers as their solution partner in the packaging field and aimed to take a step further in regard to the quality of its services by investing in and introducing the latest innovations. RAPSODI DEKOR is currently giving service in packaging print and paint on glass and plastic products to valuable companies from cosmetics, food & beverage and glassware-kitchenware sectors.

  • Serigraph printing works constitute 40% of our total production works.

  • Painting works constitute 35% of our total production works.

  • Hot foil stamping works constitute 15% of our total production works.

  • Frosted Decoration works constitute 10% of our total production works.

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